Future Sales Advances™ delivers 75 Purchase Order Funding Transactions in the last 12 months

Futures Sales Advance, Inc (FSA) provides small businesses with 3 types of purchase order financing request. Please note that all customers must be under a factoring arrangement and previous customer sales before a PO Finance agreement is considered.

Finished Goods PO Finance – This is very common among USA based importers that need letters of credit issued to overseas suppliers. There are many lenders that provide this type of financing and pretty straight forward.
Light Assembly Finance – This type of financing is higher risk due to the inventory arriving at the client’s place of business and having to assembly or manufacture some items to get it to a finished product. The client must have a good track record and consistent delivery performance in the past.
Production Finance – FSA specializes more in providing financing for production with existing clients that are already factoring. Must have 2 years in business, historical sales of items, strong suppliers, profitable client in good standing.

Future Sales Advance, Inc is an affiliate company of 1st Commercial Credit, LLC. Providing accounts receivable financing for small business.


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